• denise

    First Mini-VictorThon of the School Year!

    This Friday, November 17, Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan (DMUM) collaborated with Dexter High School for our first Mini-VictorThon of the year! Mini-VictorThons are a shortened version of VictorThon, held at elementary, middle, and high schools in Southeast Michigan to raise money that will go toward DMUM’s fundraising goal for the year. As […]

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  • k12image

    K12 Engagement Spotlight

    Not many people truly understand what goes into the final fundraising number that’s held up at VictorThon. There’s a lot of hard work invested from all aspects of the organization: from dancers to corporate fundraisers. There is one aspect in particular that stands out as especially unique— the K-12 Engagement Program . Every year, the […]

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  • seaholm

    DMUM Welcomes Seaholm High School

    We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our DMUM K-12 Engagement Network: Birmingham Seaholm High School.  Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan has paired with Seaholm Offers Support (SOS) – a student organization within the high school – to establish their own Mini-Marathon.  SOS is a platform through which students, parents, administration, […]

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  • dexter

    Dexter Back for Round 2

    Last year, Dexter High School held their first annual Mini-Marathon.  After months of planning by a group of dedicated students, their marathon came to life; the night was filled with gymnasium games, delicious food, and (of course) dancing, among other fun activities.  In total, Dexter High School raised $1,429 for the kids and was even […]

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  • millcreek

    Mill Creek on a Winning Streak

    Dance Marathon is taking this opportunity to give a big congratulations to Mill Creek Middle School from Dexter, Michigan. They were our top fundraiser last year with a whopping $9,400 earned!  Holy moley!  Their Mini-Marathon takes shape as a 3-hour long school dance.  This fun and creative format was clearly successful, and the funds they […]

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