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    10 Ways to Fundraise in the Snow FTK

    Offer to shovel driveways/sidewalks for a $10 DMUM donation          Deliver hot coffee to a friend’s class for a $5 donation Host an epic snowball fight in which friends must donate $5 to participate Agree to do a polar plunge if you raise $50-100 dollars! Sell hand warmers to friends on super cold days Host […]

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    12 Reasons To Get Excited for Pumpkin Carving! (Told Through GIFs)

    When you put together the perfect costume without having to go to Ragstock: When you round up the entire squad to come with you: When you meet some new cool people and realize that DMUM people are the best kind of people: Seeing the kids arrive in their adorable costumes: When you meet some of […]

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  • DMUM 2003

    DMUM: A Look Back (and Forward)

    With a new school year starts the journey towards another successful VictorThon with plenty of new dancers ready to raise money for the kids! It’s also a great time to look at our roots as an organization and celebrate how much success we have had over the past 21 years. Founded in 1997 by Inder […]

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    Countdown to VictorThon 2017

    The University of Michigan’s long awaited countdown is almost over, with VictorThon 2017 only “5” days away! Dancers are you ready? Have you reached your $300 fundraising goal and received your official invite? If not, check out the fundraising challenges this week or ask your DE or DR to bucket with you! You do not […]

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    Why DMUM?

    Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan was founded 20 years ago with the purpose to raise funds and awareness for pediatric rehabilitation. In the past two decades, the organization has raised millions of dollars for the kids and simultaneously impacted the lives of many University of Michigan wolverines, too. Thousands of Michigan students have […]

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    What Does Stewardship Mean to Us?

    Whether it is $5 dropped in a bucket on a cold winter night outside Rick’s or a generous donation from an involved DMUM alumni, we believe that every dollar and every donor makes an impact. That’s why we believe in saying thank you. We’ll say it again because it’s just that important: thank YOU! Stewardship, […]

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    A Letter to Our Readers

    Dear Dancers young and young at heart, families, alumni, sponsors, and supporters of Dance Marathon, On behalf of this year’s 2015-2016 DMUM Steering Team, we want to say a big welcome to the blog! We are excited to use this blog as a single newsletter for updates about alumni, sponsors, therapy relations, mini-marathons, and much […]

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    5 Things You Never Knew About Dance Marathon

    With Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan commencing its 19th year and our committed team undoubtedly flooding your social media with DMUM love, you’d think you know everything about Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan, right? Wrong! But worry not – as we proudly present: “5 Things YouNever Knew About Dance Marathon”. 1. We are the largest student organization on campus.  […]

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