Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan was founded 20 years ago with the purpose to raise funds and awareness for pediatric rehabilitation. In the past two decades, the organization has raised millions of dollars for the kids and simultaneously impacted the lives of many University of Michigan wolverines, too.

Thousands of Michigan students have loved being a part of the Dance Marathon community throughout their college experience. Freshman Dancer Captain, Christina Gatti, joined DMUM this year because, “It’s a great way to get involved with a big community of wolverines that are as excited about giving to the kids as I am.” Senior Steering member Janie Brink, echoed that sentiment, “I never imagined I’d find a group on campus that fills my heart with so much joy and gratitude.”

Dance Marathon has helped Michigan students give back to their communities in a positive way throughout its existence. “I love the impact we have in southeast Michigan to empower thousands of kids through therapies out of Mott and Beaumont Children’s Hospitals. I love being able to see the smiles on kids’ faces after a year of planning, fundraising, and standing FTK,” said Central Planning Team member and junior Daniel Harris.

For many students, DMUM has been like family that they get to see in their classes, in their other clubs, and all around campus. External Director Raza Khan said, “I’m a part of Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan because this organization embodies the spirit of family. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you are studying; when you join DMUM, you become an integral part of our team. Everybody looks out for each other because we’re all working our hardest for the kids, and that is what inspires me. I’m never going to let my team down.”

Michigan students have been standing for the kids since DMUM’s founding for a hundreds of reasons. Throughout these past two decades, Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan has not only directly impacted children and their families, but has touched our hearts as dancers as well. We’ve met lifelong friends, gained leadership experience, and found a way to put our passions into action for this organization. Every minute and every hour we fundraise, support, and stand has been important in our lives as well and we will never forget what it meant to be to be a part of DMUM.

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