Giving Blueday 2016


Attention dancers, it is time to start preparing for our huge fundraising push on Tuesday, November 29th, Giving Blueday! Giving Blueday is the University of Michigan’s annual day of giving that kicks off the giving season and establishes our own ‘Giving Tuesday.’ Year after year, this opportunity is one of the largest fundraising days for Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan, it allows students, alumni and the community to show their support For The Kids at Mott Children’s Hospital.

As dancers, it is our privilege to give back to the university we love, by supporting the causes we care about the most. We have the unique opportunity, as students, to participate in social media challenges, hourly fundraising pushes, and even win prizes throughout the day! In addition to supporting the kids, these challenges are a great way to help us reach our individual fundraising goals to participate in VictorThon 2016. The Giving Blueday link and social media challenges have been provided in the “Giving Blueday Rundown” email from our Dancer Relations Chairs. Another important way to contribute comes from encouraging all students and alumni to fundraise for the greater community, even if they are not directly involved with Dance Marathon. So now that we know why Giving Blueday is important, how does it work?!

As soon as Giving Blueday kicks off at midnight on November 29th as members of Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan we will be ready to embrace the challenge and beat our previous records of Giving Blueday fundraising. It is crucial that we get this message out to our friends and family, emphasizing how their donations make a difference in improving the lives of  kids in the University of Michigan community. Donors will be encouraged to participate in these pushes to help raise money For The Kids. We look forward to receiving support from more students, alumni, and members of the community than ever before. For more information or questions, please reach out to your Dancer Captain. Get ready to Give Blue FTK!

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