First Mini-VictorThon of the School Year!


This Friday, November 17, Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan (DMUM) collaborated with Dexter High School for our first Mini-VictorThon of the year! Mini-VictorThons are a shortened version of VictorThon, held at elementary, middle, and high schools in Southeast Michigan to raise money that will go toward DMUM’s fundraising goal for the year. As of right now, DMUM’s K-12 Engagement Committee has seven Mini-VictorThons lined up and we are currently trying to organize even more! This year, DMUM’s K-12 Engagement Program is projected to contribute over $10,000 to pediatric rehabilitation programs at Mott and Beaumont Children’s Hospitals.

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Dexter High School’s Mini-VictorThon consisted of, a VictorThon classic, line dance and some other attractions like gym games, pizza from Dexter’s Classic Pizza, and a particularly big hit, a bouncy house!

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Although, nothing quite compared to a touching appearance by the Waterman family, a family that has been participating in rehabilitation programs supported by DMUM for years. Conor Waterman and his father were able to speak about the ways in which DMUM has changed their lives. The Waterman’s also urged the students at Dexter High School to join DMUM if they attend the University of Michigan someday (something we also strongly encourage). Thank you so much to the Waterman’s for attending this event and helping to communicate the amazing work that DMUM does every year!

DMUM is super excited about the future of  Dexter High School’s Mini-VictorThon, as it is has been running now for 4 years and raised over $1000 this year! Special thanks to all those who helped organize and run the Dexter High School Mini-VictorThon, especially K-12 Coordinator, Ali Farhat, and the three Dexter High School coordinators that did this event as part of their International Baccalaureate Cas Project. We are so grateful for their amazing work on this wonderful event!

Sad you missed out on the fun? Stay tuned for more details about our next Mini-VictorThon and be sure to stop by so that VictorThon isn’t the only time you break it down FTK!



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