Holiday Fundraising 101


$54,149.26. That’s the fundraising total – before matching!! – from Giving Blueday, a day of philanthropy and giving. These 24 hours of giving represent one of Dance Marathon’s biggest fundraising pushes of the year. And while this is only one day out of the year, the season of giving never ends–and neither does asking everyone you know (or don’t know) to donate FTK.


However, there is strategy to asking for donations. So here are a few tips to take with you as we move into winter break, a time of giving and celebration. Use your time in between the hours of Netflix watching and napping to raise some money FTK!

  • Offer to wrap gifts for other members of your family in exchange for donations.
  • Ask for donations instead of physical gifts.
  • Offer to be someone’s Designated Driver on New Year’s Eve in exchange for donations – think of it as an FTK taxi!
  • Recycle the cans from that New Year’s party and donate the earnings to DMUM – you can even ask your friends and neighbors!
  • Have a bake sale full of sugary delights that go towards the kids.
  • Offer to clean your friend’s house after their New Year’s party in exchange for donating to your Donor Drive.
  • Rake leaves or shovel snow in your neighborhood in exchange for a donation FTK.
  • Go bucketing in your neighborhood or ask a local business if you can set up a change jar near their register.
  • Talk to your local high school about hosting a mini-VictorThon and get them in contact with our wonderful K12 committee!

But most of all, let others know how much you love DMUM! People give to causes that they believe in, so it’s up to you to make them believe! Bring up the great friends you made in your house to your grandma. Let your cousin know how the kids lit up during Pumpkin Carving. Tell your brother about all the great therapies that you’ve been to this semester. Spread the DMUM spirit!


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