Who We Support

The money raised from the Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan goes to fund pediatric therapies at Mott and Beaumont Children's. At these hospitals we support therapies that promote physical improvement, social skills, and so much more. The money DMUM raises is used to underwrite the costs of the programs put on by a diverse team of highly experienced full time pediatric specialists.


As our designated Children’s Miracle Network Hospital*, Beaumont receives a sum of funds from the proceeds from our Marathon.  With the resources we allocate to them, pediatric rehabilitation therapies and the purchasing of various medical equipment is made possible in the greater metro-Detroit area.



DMUM and C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital collaborate through a therapy-oriented mindset.  With the funds raised through Dance Marathon, we allocate money to specific pediatric therapies.  This cooperative approach has allowed us to fund multiple therapies, full programs, and a few therapists’ salaries.

North Star Reach provides life-changing camp experiences for children with serious health challenges and their families.  By donating to them each year, we take part in a mutually supportive partnership that makes an impact for children with developmental challenges.


*Children's Miracle Network Hospitals orchestrates the national Dance Marathon network.  With their support, Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan has been made possible and connects us to the greater movement for pediatric therapies.