Our Beneficiaries

Where does the money DMUM raises go?

We support pediatric rehabilitation programs at Beaumont Children’s and C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital through therapies such as Talk Around Town, tree climbing, bowling, yoga, creative coping and so many more! The therapies help kids have unique experiences beyond what they may encounter everyday and help them hone in on skills to enhance their day to day lives.


Why should I join DMUM?

People join DMUM for a variety of reasons! Some people are seeking to make our large campus smaller and DMUM is a great network to make new connections. Others are simply looking for a way to give back to their community and impact the lives of others, and DMUM is formatted to make this possible- even for busy U of M students.


What are the roles of Dancers, Dancer Captains, Dancer Relations Coordinators?

Dancers are all of the participants in Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan and play a vital role in the organization’s fundraising success. Dancer captains are the integral mentors to dancers and encourage team building, fundraising, and bonding with families. Dancer Relations Coordinators facilitate large scale fundraising initiatives and act as mentors to Dancer Captains. They all come together to take part in volunteering at family therapies, bucketing around campus, and attending events to support the organization.


What is the difference between a maize and blue dancer? Which one do I register as?

Both types of dancers have $300 goals, but Maize dancers are placed on teams that are paired with DMUM families and have access to all volunteer opportunities and DMUM events. Blue Dancers only have access to attend VictorThon, and have a registration fee of $20 instead of the $40 required to get the all inclusive Dance Marathon experience as a Maize dancer.


How can my student organization or friend group get involved?

You can join DMUM as a student org dancer team and have as many people as you want on that team. If you would like to get involved in other ways, you can volunteer at VictorThon in shifts of 2-4 hours as a crew or as a SMORG where your student organization can have a table with activities for dancers.


How do I register?

Go to homepage and click “Dancer Registration,” you will be signed up in no time!


What is VictorThon?

At VictorThon, hundreds of dancers stand on their feet for 24 hours to show their dedication to our cause. It is hours of fun for students and families, with games, line dancing, and performances by students and kids!


Why is VictorThon 24 hours long?

Standing at VictorThon for 24 hours is the celebration of our continual support of the kids and families we volunteer with, fundraise for, and support throughout the year. By staying awake and on our feet, we gain insight into the challenges and frustration that the children we support overcome each day.

Do I have to dance the whole time?

Absolutely not! There is a LOT more to Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan than just dancing! We are a fundraising and volunteering student organization. VictorThon is where the dancing takes place, but it is a personal choice and is not a requirement- it is just a great way to motivate yourself and have fun alongside your friends and family.


How can I volunteer at DMUM therapies?

You can volunteer at Dance Marathon therapies by going to the homepage and scrolling down to the bottom. Here you will find a tab labeled Volunteer Opportunities. This will take you to a calendar with multiple volunteer opportunities each week! 


Is it true I have to raise $300? What if I don’t raise $300?

All dancers have a fundraising goal of $300 and reaching the goal is the only way to guarantee a spot at VictorThon, as space is limited in the ITB. We make fundraising a team effort- it is both fun and extremely rewarding. We also provide countless resources and events to raise money from!


How should I start my fundraising efforts?

A great first step is to look at the Fundraising Guide! Take a look and be sure to go to team meetings to learn about more fundraising options!


Who should checks be made out to?

Please make checks out to Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan. If you would like a donation to count towards an individual fundraising total, please write that person’s name on the memo line as well.


Where can checks and cash be dropped off?

Checks and cash can be dropped off at the DMUM office (4221 Michigan Union 530 South State Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109) in a sealed envelope. Please enclose the following form in the envelope as well.