We are so excited that you are interested in becoming apart of the DMUM Family this year!
Please read the registration info below and proceed to the bottom of the page where you will be prompted to register.

As part of Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan's commitment to your entire family and unique needs, upon registration, you will be asked to choose a track. Both of these tracks, Maize and Victor, offer equal opportunities to experience all the DMUM fun and only represent your family’s hospital and/or medical association. 

Regardless of the track that you choose, all families will still be highlighted and celebrated at any and every DMUM event.  Again, your track choice only indicates your hospital and/or medical association for each year, and you will reselect your track annually upon re-registration at Victorthon. Regardless of the track that you choose, all families are still considered to be equally important and valuable to our organization and its continued success.


Maize Track

This track is designed for families that receive their primary care from hospitals or medical facilities besides Beaumont and/or Mott Hospitals. Families in this specific track may be contacted regarding promotional material in their medical facility.

Victor Track

We invite families that receive care from Beaumont and/or Mott Hospitals directly to register for this track option. Families in this specific track may be contacted for promotional material to be used for family recruitment in their respected hospital.


BOTH TRACKS offer Full access to:

  • Family events
  • Family Newsletters
  • VictorThon
  • Event Performances
  • Parent FaceBook Group

In both tracks, families are expected to:

  • Complete online registration
  • Sign the Family Agreement
  • Sign the photo Release (OPTIONAL)

We can’t wait to meet you and make some long-lasting DMUM Memories!