Family Events

Throughout the academic year, Dance Marathon organizes many different events that help raise funds for our cause and put smiles on the kids’ faces. Not only do these events help fund pediatric rehabilitation programs, but they are also a fun way for DMUM families and kids to bond with students, forming those relationships and support networks that we often strive for in DMUM. In particular, we have six events geared towards families for four fun days, where we often realize the reason we all stand at VictorThon, as everyone is united For The Kids.

North Star Reach Family Camp

Our newest addition to our DMUM calendar allows families to have a complete camp experience in a short 72 hours! Children are offered a variety of activities during the day such as archery, kayaking, and arts n’ crafts while parents have the option to attend bonding events led by North Star Reach Staff. Some of the many highlights of the weekend include a visit to the DMUM Tree House and Carnivarty! This event will be held on Sept. 22-24, 2017 and registration is now open!

Please visit for family camp registration and more information.

Pumpkin Carving

DMUM’s most popular event kicks off with many Halloween inspired games from various therapies and student organizations. Kids can carve a pumpkin, sing karaoke and even walk the red carpet with University of Michigan students. Many families come dressed in costumes and reunite with DMUM friends from the previous year! This event will be held in late October this year!

Family Circle Nights

One of the DMUM’s most beloved Victorthon traditions is making a comeback this year! Over the course of four nights, families are invited to share their story with dancers, offering small glimpse into their lives. This is an optional event, but many have found this to be the highlight of their DMUM experience. This event will be held in December this year and families are invited to a dinner at a local restaurant prior to the event!

Charity Ball

A family favorite that allows kids of all ages to dance, twirl, and break it down on the dance floor. Families are welcome to strut their stuff in the photo booth, play games and even do the line dance from previous years. This event is held in late January this year.


Come have fun with the students while they stand for 24 hours to support the kids. Various student organization groups will entertain, while speakers and activities will help keep us focused on our cause, and any free moments will be used learning the line dance and bonding with your team. Families are even welcome to join the fun and show off their talent on stage! This event in held in March this year.