Missing your DMUM days? Alumni, stay engaged!

    Alumni Tips for Staying Involved After Graduation 1. Join the DMUM Alumni Facebook page here 2. Read the DMUM blog weekly to stay up-to-date on DMUM events and opportunities 3. Join us for the annual Alumni Football Tailgate 4. Attend the annual DMUM Gala in celebration of the therapies we support 5. Help promote Dance […]

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  • DMUM Blog 2015 ETR Art Therapist

    Therapist Spotlight: Julie Moreno, Art Therapist

    Q: What made you decide to become a therapist?   A: I have always viewed art in my own life as a means of self expression and coping.  Psychology, in addition to art, is one of my passions in life.  The field of art therapy combines art and psychology and I feel so fortunate to […]

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  • DMUM Blog 2015 ETR Volunteering 101

    Volunteering 101

    Are you looking for a new, hands-on experience to get more involved with Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan?!  Well look no further!  DMUM volunteering is just a few clicks away!  Each week, Dance Marathon is searching for volunteers to facilitate the therapies we fund.  As a volunteer, you’ll take part in some of […]

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  • DMUM Blog 2015 ETR Creative Coping

    Therapy Spotlight: Creative Coping

    Mid-semester blues were setting in.  My routine was as follows: go to class, study, eat, sleep, repeat.  Just when I thought the monotony of campus life would never free me from its clutches, I discovered Creative Coping – a weekly volunteer therapy through Dance Marathon.  Like all DMUM therapies, I signed up to volunteer for […]

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  • DMUM Blog 2015 ETR Inspiration Day

    Inspiration Day: Past and Present

    For the past few years, Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan showcased the therapies we sponsor at our annual Therapy Fair.  Held in the Sports Coliseum, Therapy Fair was an opportunity for students to come together with DMUM families and therapists to see exactly what their funds were contributing to.  Dancers would meet their […]

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  • pumpkin-2

    It’s Time to Carve Some Pumpkins

    Our first family event, Pumpkin Carving, took place on October 25 at the Cube and was a huge success! DM dancers were able to meet their families while dressed up in Halloween Costumes: Cowboys were hanging out with NInja Turtles, Mickey and Minnie Mouse made an appearance, and so many other crazy costumes came out […]

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  • Brian

    Meet Our Recruitment Chair: Brian Dobmeier!

    Brian Dobmeier, a senior in the Ross School of Business, is Recruitment Chair on this year’s 2015-2016 Central Planning Team. The hard work of his committee is what brings the Dancers to the Marathon! Check out what he has to say about some of his favorite parts of Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan. […]

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  • buckets

    Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Neighborhood Bucketing, That’s Who!

    With hundreds of DMUM dancers trying to reach their fundraising goal for the year, our leadership is constantly pushing the envelope and creating platforms to help those goals be met.  One way we do that is through Neighborhood Bucketing, during which we go door-to-door to gain community support.  Bucketing is a great opportunity for DMUM; […]

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  • seaholm

    DMUM Welcomes Seaholm High School

    We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our DMUM K-12 Engagement Network: Birmingham Seaholm High School.  Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan has paired with Seaholm Offers Support (SOS) – a student organization within the high school – to establish their own Mini-Marathon.  SOS is a platform through which students, parents, administration, […]

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  • dexter

    Dexter Back for Round 2

    Last year, Dexter High School held their first annual Mini-Marathon.  After months of planning by a group of dedicated students, their marathon came to life; the night was filled with gymnasium games, delicious food, and (of course) dancing, among other fun activities.  In total, Dexter High School raised $1,429 for the kids and was even […]

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