• buckets

    Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Neighborhood Bucketing, That’s Who!

    With hundreds of DMUM dancers trying to reach their fundraising goal for the year, our leadership is constantly pushing the envelope and creating platforms to help those goals be met.  One way we do that is through Neighborhood Bucketing, during which we go door-to-door to gain community support.  Bucketing is a great opportunity for DMUM; […]

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  • seaholm

    DMUM Welcomes Seaholm High School

    We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our DMUM K-12 Engagement Network: Birmingham Seaholm High School.  Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan has paired with Seaholm Offers Support (SOS) – a student organization within the high school – to establish their own Mini-Marathon.  SOS is a platform through which students, parents, administration, […]

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  • dexter

    Dexter Back for Round 2

    Last year, Dexter High School held their first annual Mini-Marathon.  After months of planning by a group of dedicated students, their marathon came to life; the night was filled with gymnasium games, delicious food, and (of course) dancing, among other fun activities.  In total, Dexter High School raised $1,429 for the kids and was even […]

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  • millcreek

    Mill Creek on a Winning Streak

    Dance Marathon is taking this opportunity to give a big congratulations to Mill Creek Middle School from Dexter, Michigan. They were our top fundraiser last year with a whopping $9,400 earned!  Holy moley!  Their Mini-Marathon takes shape as a 3-hour long school dance.  This fun and creative format was clearly successful, and the funds they […]

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  • servesanace

    KLAA Schools Serve an Ace

    While Dance Marathon typically involves dancing, the folks behind the Livonia Churchill Mini-Marathon are raising funds for pediatric therapies in a new, innovative way: by means of a volleyball tournament!  The Livonia Churchill Mini-Marathon volleyball tournament is organized by the student councils of 12 different schools in the Kensington Lakes Activities Association (KLAA).  Last year, […]

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  • millcreek

    2015 Alumni Reception

    Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan hosted its annual fall Alumni Reception on October 10 before the homecoming game against Northwestern. Members of Steering, dancers, DMUM alumni, and members of the Alumni Council gathered at Fingerle Lumber to eat barbeque and baked goods, rehearse former linedances, and reminisce on their time at the University […]

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  • alumni

    Meet our Alumni: Laura Distelrath Class of 2008!

    Laura Distelrath was a Secondary Math Education major and huge supporter of Dance Marathon as an undergrad at the University of Michigan. She was a member of the 2008 Mighty Ducks Core Planning Team and a leader in DMUM throughout her college years. Today, Laura is a high school math teacher at Grosse Point South High […]

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  • dev

    What Does Stewardship Mean to Us?

    Whether it is $5 dropped in a bucket on a cold winter night outside Rick’s or a generous donation from an involved DMUM alumni, we believe that every dollar and every donor makes an impact. That’s why we believe in saying thank you. We’ll say it again because it’s just that important: thank YOU! Stewardship, […]

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  • IMG_9669

    Through a Volunteer’s Eyes: Tree Climbing

             During the spring of 2014, the post-Marathon blues had set in, and after a tough semester of classes and a long and cold winter, I was ready to jump back into any Dance Marathon related activity. When Tree Climbing therapy showed up on the Volunteer Calendar, I knew I couldn’t pass […]

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  • IMG_6600

    Meet DMUM’s Go-To Recreational Therapist: Becky!

    Q: Why did you decide to become a Recreational Therapist? A: I decided to become a recreational therapist when I was 13 – at least that’s when I first volunteered as one and thought it was awesome!  I found a program at CMU (Central Michigan University) and made my final decision after the first semester […]

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