Welcome Alumni!

Your commitment and involvement with DMUM does not end when you graduate; your DMUM family lasts a lifetime. It is because of all of your hard work and dedication that DMUM is what it is today: we couldn't have done it without you!

Please use this page of the website as a resource to stay connected with the organization and get updates on what is going on with your fellow alumni. We are so happy to have you involved with Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan again this year, so check back regularly for important information!

If you have any questions, concerns, and/or want to share your DMUM story, email us at dmum.alumnirelations@umich.edu! We would love to hear from you!

NEW! Alumni Dancer Experience

In celebration of DMUM’s 20th year we are introducing a opportunity for you to continue and further your involvement and your passion for DMUM by signing up as a dancer again! Teams will be available to sign up per year of graduation. Which year will raise the most?
- Alumni dancers will join teams according to graduation years, team captains will be determined in the near future. If you are interested in becoming a captain from your year, please contact me! There is a fundraising minimum of $300 to be able to come to VictorThon and participate in all the alumni dancer activities.
- To get the most out of the alumni experience, you are required to be present at VictorThon for 3 hours, if travel plans permit. This allows you enough time to see the line dance and hear parent and families speak and perform.
- Alumni will have access to the Alumni Corner at VictorThon to come and check in, meet other alumni, and set their gear down.
- Outside of VictorThon there will also be opportunities for alumni to eat and reunite will other alumni.
- DMUM is working with local hotels, on a possible get a discount, or get part of the DMUM alumni’s room fees go back to Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan.

Announcement: Happy Hour!

Special Note for D.C. and San Francisco residents: We're excited to announce that a DMUM Alumni Happy Hour will be coming to your neighborhoods soon! Please join us on March 23rd to celebrate VictorThon weekend and to support DMUM from across the nation. It's a great time to reunite with other alumni, all while enjoying food, drinks, and fun! Further details are in the RSVP links below. 

Want to learn how to get your company involved in DMUM?

 Check out our working FTK document below to get started!