Winter Bucketing Opportunities

Dancers: There are many opportunities to bucket at athletic events this winter and spring-- from men's and women's basketball at Crisler to ice hockey at Yost! Anyone is welcome to sign up for these events and check out buckets and signs from the DMUM office. This is a great way to make sure you're making progress on your $300 fundraising goal for the year!! Please click the button below to sign up!

What is bucketing?

Bucketing is an easy way to make money while also connecting with others in DMUM! During bucketing you will go out into the Ann Arbor community, around downtown, and various grocery stores asking for donations while also spreading awareness of our cause.

We hold multiple bucketing weekends and events each semester and everyone is encouraged to participate! The more people that go bucketing, the more money we can raise FTK which means more money that goes back to your own personal fundraising…it’s as easy as that! Be sure to check back here to sign up for these events when they are going on.

Outside of bucketing weekends you are encouraged to go out bucketing with a friend or with your team any time to help reach your own fundraising goal! You can pick up buckets and permits from the DMUM office in the Union (4th floor, room 4221) anytime Monday-Friday from 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm. After bucketing, feel free to drop off your money along with your bucket to the DMUM office anytime Monday through Friday from 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm.

Tips for bucketing:

  1. Ask for “any spare change.” Change really does add up fast!
  2. Mention what it’s for - people love donating to help the kids! Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with DMUM’s mission, values, and history so you’re prepared if any potential donors want to know what we’re about!
  3. Ask EVERYBODY! Don’t let anyone get by you without trying to engage them.
  4. Be happy and energetic! If you’re not excited about the cause, strangers definitely won’t be either and they won’t be as willing to make a donation.
  5. Bring baked goods to sell to raise some extra money!
  6. Bring portable speakers with you and play music to make it more fun for you and potential donors!
  7. Always, always, ALWAYS say thank you!
  8. Try saying things like “Hi! We’re with Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan, do you have any spare change to help the kids?!”  Tweak it to make it your own and see what works for you!