If you received cash or a check that you need to go into your DonorDrive you can always bring it by the DMUM office in the Union (4th floor, room 4221) anytime Monday through Friday from 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm in an envelope with your first and last name on it.

If you have someone who would like to mail in a check for you, have him or her follow these instructions:

  1. Make the check out to Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan
  2. Put the designated dancer’s first and last name in the MEMO section of the check
  3. Address the envelope to the address below:

Dance Marathon Office C/O MSA
3909 Michigan Union
530 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1349

Other Fundraising ABCs:

Feel like you’ve exhausted your letter writing and bucketing resources? Need more fundraising ideas to reach your $300 (or greater) goal? Try these!

  • Airport rides - Have friends that need a ride to the airport to go home for winter break or spring break? Offer to be their own personal chauffeur for a DMUM donation! If you have a car on campus, you can offer to drive friends other places for donations too - the grocery store, the mall, anywhere a friend wants to go!
  • Bottle deposits - Collect empty cans and bottles to return to the grocery store (Kroger’s, Busch’s, Meijer), and you’ll get 10 cents back for each returnable!
  • Clean a friend’s apartment - Offer to clean a friend’s apartment or house. You can charge a flat fee ($20 for the whole apartment, $20 per floor of the house) or different amounts for specific services ($5 for vacuuming, $5 for dusting, etc…).
  • Donate part of your paycheck - Donate 50% of one paycheck to DMUM, or donate 5-10% of your paycheck weekly for a certain amount of time.
  • Empty your closet - places like Plato’s Closet will buy your new and gently used clothing items.
  • Food delivery - If you know someone who will be in their apartment or at the library all weekend studying, bring them food (either homemade or from a restaurant).
  • Gift wrapping - A fun and easy way to get some extra money during the holidays!
  • Host a potluck dinner - Or throw a themed party and collect donations at the door.
  • Incentivize donors - Give something up (coffee, sweets, Facebook, etc…) for a week and take pledges from families and families. Post updates on social media (as long as that isn’t the thing you’re giving up) throughout the week to let donors know how the challenge is going!
  • Jar Collection - Every time you make a purchase with cash, put the change you receive in your DMUM jar.
  • Karaoke night - charge an entrance fee.
  • Lawn Mowing - offer to mow lawns in Ann Arbor.
  • Make and sell crafts - Do you make awesome friendship bracelets? Can you knit a cozy scarf? Do you love to paint? If you have any creative talents, you can use them to make some money FTK!
  • No Shave November - take pledges for each day that you don’t cut your hair, Another variation - take pledges for every inch you cut off of your hair (and if your hair is long enough, you can donate it)!
  • Ornament Sale - get together with your team, make and sell some holiday ornaments
  • Post an embarrassing picture - ...or film yourself doing something embarrassing and post it on social media for every $20 (or other amount of your choice) raised. Have fun with this! Tell donors that if they donate a larger amount of money, like $50 or more, they can choose the embarrassing thing you have to do. Tie this to a Push Week, like Beat OSU Week! You can do something like post a different embarrassing throwback picture for every $20 raised during this week.
  • Quesadilla sale - make and sell quesadillas outside the bars.
  • Run a 5K - Reach out to family members and post on social media that you’ll be running a 5K race for and ask for pledges.
  • Sports brackets - Collect money from friends and family for different sports brackets depending on the time of year (College Bowl Games, Super Bowl, March Madness, World Series, etc…). Give 50% of the earnings to the winner and the other 50% will go to DMUM.
  • Try a paid psychology studies - Donate the compensation money you receive to your Donor Drive account. You can sign up here.
  • Unite with another team to sell water bottles that you can buy in bulk or get donated!
  • Valentine’s Day flower sale
  • Water bottle with dimes - Fill a regular 16 oz. bottle and by the time it’s full, you’ll have $100 saved up!
  • X-factor competition: Put together a talent show and charge a fee to enter
  • Yard work for a neighbor - Rake leaves, shovel snow, or mow the lawn. Bonus: offer to clean their car off in the winter for an extra donation!
  • Zero change: Hate getting change every time you pay with cash? Keep a change jar!

Questions about fundraising?? Want to make a personalized fundraising plan, or just need someone to go bucketing with you? Contact your Dancer Relations Coordinators for all things fundraising-related!